The Best Suaoki Solar Generator to Buy this Year

Keep your life Bright with Suaoki 150W Lithium Power Supply Ultimate Portable Power Station.

So in today’s review article, I am going to review the Best Suaoki Solar Generator which is small in size, with a high capacity that is enough for a one-night Camping or emergency power outage.

Suaoki will give you the flexibility of 3 ways recharging functionality that is a solar panel, wall charger &  Car charger.

According to Our Research & collected data from various sources, this generator got an average of 9.0 ratting Out of 10. People like this especially for Outdoor Camping.

SUAOKI Portable Power Station - Best for Travel



Suaoki Solar Generator Specifications

SUAOKI Portable Power Station

Model: S270

Peak Watts: 150Wh

Recommended SUAOKI 60W or 100W solar panel kit are sold separately

1. Solar panels, 2. AC wall socket, 3. car charger

  • 4x DC Ports (12v/10Amps, Max. 15Amps)
  • 1x QC 3.0 USB (up to 18w)
  • 3x USB Ports (5v/2.1Amps)
  • 2x AC Ports (110v, max 100w, peak 150w)

(TT-30R), 120V 20A Duplex (5-20R), 12V DC

  • Length: 7.26 inches (19.3cm)
  • Width: 4.3 inches (10.9cm)
  • Height: 4.6 inches (11.6cm)

Dry Unit Weight: 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg)


with  life time support

Best For:

SUAOKI Portable Power Station is best for Emergency Use, Weekend trips, Traveling, etc. Due to its small size and long-lasting, this machine went popular among travelers. but if you want to light up all your home then I don’t recommend this product. For that, you may go with CHAMPION POWER 3100-Watt RV, WEN 56200i, Jackery Explorer 240.

Why do you need to Buy this Lithium Generator?

There are multiple of reasions to buy this amazing lightweight Lithium generator some of them are;

  • 3 Ways of Recharge (Solar,wall charge, car Charger)
  • Multi Charging Ports avaibility. 
  • 3.5+ Hours of backup with 30 W Led.
  • Include Emergency Flashlight
  • A nice looking Easy-carry Handle

Don’t let your power die on you when you’re away from an outlet! Keep your devices charged no matter where you are with the SUAOKI portable power station.

The power bank features convenient 3 ways for charging including solar panel, wall charger and car charger. This is how you get juice back very easily.

SUAOKI S270 is essentially an outdoor power station, which consists of solar panel, lithium battery and AC/DC output ports, the last one provides 4 USB charging ports and 2 standard sockets.

The manufacturer claims that the device can work for 2 -3 days if fully charged under full sunshine, otherwise it’s about 10-12 hours. The solar panel can be placed at any angle and it works fine no matter where the sun in the sky. It will be nice if the manufacturer provides some info on how much electrical power is consumed in total by the device meaningfully comparing solar panel and other electrical input power parameters like wall outlet or car charger?

S270 is equipped with two quick-charge 3.0 USB ports that can charge all your devices, including phones, tablets and mini fan in just a few hours. The device also comes with 2 AC sockets, 4 DC output ports and LED flashlight for emergency situations.

The S270 portable power station is a great portable charging solution for your weekend trip or outdoor activities like camping.

Suaoki Solar Generator: Summing Up

I hope you like our review. This is the Most demanding lithium solar generator in the USA with good ratings.

I suggest you go with our article twice, checkout your requirements & then take your decision to buy.

If you want to know more about this or have some suggestions then please comment below.


Suaoki 150W Generator

SUAOKI Portable Power Station

Ultimate Portable Power Station.

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